Arlington Kiwanis Foundation

School Supply Squad

The Kiwanis Club of Arlington is excited to partner up with Jim Burgess, the Coordinator of the School Supply Squad, to bring school supplies to the children of Arlington, Texas. The School Supply Squad is a program that provides school supplies to poor and disadvantaged children in the Arlington area. This outreach program was created by the Trinity United Methodist Church

School Supply Squad History

School Supply Squad Updates

School Supply Squad is well underway this school year, supplying school supplies to disadvantaged students who cannot afford to purchase their own supplies. With the support of volunteers Jeremy, Larry, Russ, Dave Turney, Don Henderson, and Laura, and volunteers from Trinity UMC, and Kiwanis monetary backing we have delivered nearly 8,000 items to about 45 schools by early December. The 8,000 items range in cost from pencils to backpacks, and school names from Atherton to Williams, and are as many items as we have supplied in several former full school years.

The 45 schools contacted and supplied so far is an increase from 30 elementary schools we traditionally called on in previous years, and this year includes 7 Title 1 Jr. High schools, 12 Mansfield ISD Title 1 schools physically located in Arlington, and 44 Title 1 Arlington elementary schools. We still have about 10 schools not yet reached, and will approach those in early 2022 in an attempt to reach all Title 1 school students in Arlington elementary and Jr. High schools.

Several school items need to be replenished, and Dollar Days and Bags N-Bulk are keeping our cost very near to summer sale prices. I am able to track inventory this year, and plan a physical inventory in late December to compare to volunteer reported deliveries.

Jim Burgess,

School Supply Coordinator


When concerning our newfound outreach to Mansfield ISD, “…for the first semester the other 9 Title 1 schools, to varying degrees, have received 2,168 items from pencils to back packs in cost and from composition books to zipper bags alphabetically, with a total cost estimated at $1,450.  While we acquire a better understanding of MISD needs, we are limiting deliveries to elementary schools at $75 per month, and Jr. high’s at $150 per month.”.

Jim Burgess,

School Supply Coordinator