Speakers 2020

2020 Speakers

Room 155 (Banquet Room) at First United Methodist Church from 12-1PM



Jan. 8    Pancake Day Kick Off


Jan.  15    Arlington Code Compliance members, Neal Lucas, Sergio Erazo, and Curtis Jones:                                                                         Neighborhood Enhancement Programs


Jan. 22    Rev John Hughes:  A story relevant to the Mideast conflict

” The Man on the Other Side of Town”


Jan.29    Lamar Key Club Joseph Kahair President: Annual Update



Feb.5   Becky & Dave Turney: Guatemalan Stove Project


Feb.12   Andrew Piel: Arlington City Council District #4


Feb.19     Pancake Day week- NO MEETING

Feb. 21    Set up for Pancake Day

Feb.22     PANCAKE DAY


Feb.28   Brett Hall: Siberian Adventure, A Journey to the Coldest City on Earth