Arlington Kiwanis Foundation

BUGs:  Bringing Up Grades

Developing leaders through academic achievement.

Children are recognized at each grading period at a special event with a certificate with their name which is posted on the BUG Honor Roll.  Each student that Brings Up their Grade in at least one subject gets a BUGS pencil, magnet, ruler or zipper pull presented in front of their classmates. Those that make the A & B Honor Roll also get a Certificate signed by the school Principal & Kiwanis. The A & B Honor Roll students are eligible, by drawing, to win a bicycle awarded by Kiwanis. They will be competing against their own personal best, not against other students.  Students, even Straight-A students, set a goal to improve in one or more subjects; once achieved we celebrate their success. The first grading period sets the starting point in which students can bring up their low grades or keep their high grades.  They then have the opportunity to be honored as a BUG recipient. The Kiwanis Club of Arlington awards a girls & boys bike each grading period to those that achieve the A & B honor roll.


These pictures feature the excitement and success tied to the event.