Message From District Governor Paul Heinz

Message From District Governor Paul Heinz

Greetings Fellow Kiwanians! During the past seven months, we have seen many changes in the world and especially in our own back yard. We can either let these changes define us or we can define ourselves by overcoming the challenges. I believe the Texas Oklahoma District of Kiwanis International has stepped up, taken the lemons we were given, and made lemonade. We embraced technology to continue meeting and started looking for new and innovative ways to serve. Our Service Leadership Programs (SLP) did this almost seamlessly, especially Key Clubs and CKI. We need to look to our SLPs to help us perform better in the virtual world. Now that we have embraced these new ways, let’s continue to use them to grow. Get creative and think outside the box not only for meetings but also fundraising. This presentation takes only about 20 minutes but gives some excellent ideas 3354199097933600&ref=watch_permalink.

Looking ahead, there will continue to be challenges this year. We will have lower membership to start and a very tight budget, but I also expect the Mighty T/O to come out of this year shining. I don’t think I have ever seen a better group of Lt. Governors, Trustees, Chairs, club officers, and members. Our district staff are second to none and always available to help. Marshall Kregel is continuing with us as Marketing Director, but as many of you already know, he has multiple talents and a Kiwanis heart. Susan Hennum will continue as our District Growth Chair bringing new and innovative ideas to help us grow. We have added a team of former CKI and Key Club members to help us bring new members from Key Club to CKI and Kiwanis as well as increase the number of CKI that transition to Kiwanis clubs. I believe this will be the year that will provide us the opportunity to grow.

My focus will be on communications up, down, and throughout our district. I will be meeting with the Lt. Governors monthly to get evaluations of their divisions. I expect club officers to provide relevant information to their Lt. Governors to ensure we are meeting the needs of our communities and that the district is meeting the club needs. I plan to have quarterly district meetings on ZOOM to receive information our members consider important. If you miss those meetings, please pass the information to your Lt. Governor, Trustee, or email me directly. I look forward to getting out to visit Kiwanis clubs across Texas and Oklahoma and participate in their projects. I want my regional visits to be an opportunity to get to know you, your SLPs, and communities. The Mighty T/O is well known and respected throughout Kiwanis International, let’s work together and show them what we can accomplish!!


Paul Heinz

TX OK Kiwanis District Governor

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